First Broad River TrailFirst Broad River Trail is currently closed to the public for trail maintenance. Please check back and enjoy the improved trail once work is done.

Statesville Greenway - Gregory Creek Segment

The 1.3-mile Gregory Creek Section of the Statesville Greenway can be enjoyed by joggers, hikers and bikers.
Trail Uses
Walking / hiking / running Mountain biking
Statesville (NC)
1.30 miles, One Way
Gravel/Crushed stone, Natural surface
Motorized Vehicles
Not Permitted
Permitted on leash
Parking Spaces
Dawn - Dusk


The Gregory Creek Section runs through a secluded wooded area along both Gregory and Fourth Creeks, with access points at either end. The Iredell Museums Gregory Creek Homestead is located at the western trailhead in a historic pumphouse. "Built in 1899, the station was constructed to send water to the town cistern near Mitchell College." Iredell Museum Website

The trail encircles the Albert B. McClure Park, a large baseball and softball park and continues to follow Gregory Creek to Pump Station Road. In the future, it will eventually connect to Fourth Creek Segment of the Statesville Greenway. 

Other Information

See the Statesville Master Plan for additional information.

Trail Manager

Visit the City of Statesville Recreation and Parks website for more information or contact:

City of Statesville
Director of Recreation & Parks
301 S. Center Street
Statesville, NC 28687
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Trail Tips

Conscious Crossing
Make eye contact with oncoming drivers before crossing a street, even at a crosswalk. Use crossing signals when available.
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Statesville Greenway - Fourth Creek Segment

Trailhead Information

Parking Address and Trailhead Location:

152 Pump Station Rd, Statesville, NC 28625 MAP

838-844 Museum Rd, Statesville, NC 28625 MAP


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April 11, 2024
Hello Mr. Holland,

We are sorry to hear that your recent experience on Fourth Creek Greenway fell short of expectations. While this facility is part of the Carolina Thread Trail network, the owner and maintainer of the trail is the City of Statesville. We recommend you reach out to the City’s Park and Rec Department to provide your concerns and feedback.

Contact information:

City of Statesville
Mr. Richard Griggs
Director of Recreation & Parks
301 S. Center Street
Statesville, NC 28687

Thank you again for reaching out.

The Carolina Thread Trail Team
santa cruz biker
April 06, 2024
me and my wife ride mountain bikes and I have rode some pretty rough trails. The trail between the water filtration station and the museum are a peice of crap. The walking trail at the soccer fields are crap also, both of those trails are not maintained at all. Real great job building a soccor fields and greenway in a FLOOD plain without doing anything to make sure the creek dosen't flood the area. BUT hell this whole town is a run down dump, A nice new I-77 interstate improvement and the whole EAST Broad street mall area looks a 100 year old DUMP!!! But thats about par, I was born and raised in Statesville, when I was 12 the city limit signs around Statesville read " Statesville The City Of Progress" and everyone then said it should have read City Of Progress - ( BACKWARDS). I always heard that the ( rich folks in statesville don't want the town to stay a quaint little town and not grow, WELL IF A TOWN DOSN'T GROW IT DIES! Thats why I work in Statesville but I DAM sure as hell will never LIVE there again PERIOD
June 28, 2023
Hi Pamela,

First of all, we are so glad you're safe. You made the right call by contacting authorities as soon as you felt uncomfortable. We have referred this to the City of Statesville, which owns and maintains the trail, so they can take appropriate action to ensure the safety of trail users.

Thank you for bringing it to our attention so we can let our partners at the City know, and we hope you will continue to use the Carolina Thread Trail.

-Carolina Thread Trail Team
organic pagan
June 26, 2023
Beware, I was approached by a male in a 4-door white car with a missing rear driver's door handle, and his intent was malice. I had to call the police. He watched me leave my car (he was parked and slouching down) with three dogs, and he waited on the trail for 45 minutes in his Pyjamas and Sandals for me to come back around to the first park bench on the left. He proceeded to ask me what I was doing, and after I stated I was walking, he tried to touch me and told me he liked to walk also; I yelled for him to get away and started to walk away as I asked Siri to call 911, he began to chase me until he realized I was talking to 911. It took 6 minutes for the police and me to arrive at the parking lot on Museum Drive. I was so scared that I didn't realize that I had dragged my dogs most of the way back to my car.
This is not the first time either, last October, it was raining when I went there to walk the dogs, and because of the Rain, I was the only one there. After circling and coming back over the bridge, I noticed new footprints going to the bridge and back towards the parking area; it was three different sets; a couple of minutes later, I saw three men dressed in work pant standing off the trail in the Rain, I called my husband and started to describe them very loudly to him, and they took off. I strolled and continued talking loudly on my phone until I got to the car, and there was no other car. In January, it was 29 degrees out when I went to walk; when I was on my way back to the car with three dogs, a man in sweatpants and a tee shirt was walking toward me, I stopped and asked him if he was ok, and he tried to grab my arm when one of my dogs jumped at him, he took off, and I went to my car.
November 14, 2022
Hi John,
Thank you for your patience. We confirmed with our partners in Statesville and this segment is fully open!
-Carolina Thread Trail Team
eagle rare
November 07, 2022
Is this section fully open with the I-40/77 interchange construction?
eagle rare
November 07, 2022
Is this section fully open with the I-40/77 interchange construction?
June 11, 2022
Easy walk and lots of shade. Several places to sit down if needed. Visit the cabins adjacent to the walking trail!
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