Blue Star Trail

Trail Tips

Ride Safe

When biking, wear a helmet and use a bell to signal your approach to other trail users. Consider bringing a spare tube and pump so that you can fix a flat tire and offer help to other cyclists in need. When riding on roads, bike in the same direction as traffic.


Parking Address:

Nature Center Entrance: 2573 Lake Haigler Drive, Fort Mill, SC 29715. MAP

Dairy Barn Entrance: 288 Dairy Barn Lane, Fort Mills, SC 29715. MAP

Trailhead Location: MAP


This segment of the Blue Star Trail is part of the larger network of trails within Anne Springs Close Greenway. From the Nature Center Entrance off of Highway 21 Bypass, the trail travels north on a wide gravel access road before hitting a stream crossing at Steele Creek. There is a suspension bridge for those who would rather not get wet! On the opposite side of Steele Creek, the trail opens up next to fenced pastures where a number of horses, goats and donkeys can often be seen grazing. Following the fenceline north will lead users to the Dairy Barn, an iconic landmark of the Anne Springs Close Greenway.

"The Anne Springs Close Greenway operates a trail system that is 40 miles and growing. Trail maps are posted at all entrances to the Greenway and use different colors to indicate different trail systems: yellow is used for hiking trails; purple is used for horseback riding and hiking; red is used for mountain biking and hiking. Trail markers are placed throughout hiking and mountain biking trails and provide QR codes which direct you to a map with reference point locations (see maps below). 

The Greenway not only offers trails to the public but also lake access for paddling, primitive camping, recreational activities, environmental education, a dog park, fitness programs, camps, venues for rent and multiple special events and festivals throughout the year.     

Other Information

Hiking is free to members, non-members pay a daily usage fee of $5 payable at each entrance kiosk. To join the Greenway and avoid daily fees, click here." - Anne Spring Close Greenway

Trail Manager

Visit the Anne Springs Close Greenway website for more information and printable map or contact:

Anne Springs Close Greenway
PO Box 1209
Fort Mill, SC 29716-1209
Phone: 803-548-7252


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The Blue Star Trail is 7.2 miles long of which 1.4 miles is designated Thread Trail. The Blue Star Trail is part of the larger Anne Springs Close Greenway network of trails totaling 40 miles.

Quick Facts

Trail Uses Walking / Hiking / Running
Mountain Biking
Horseback Riding
Location Fort Mill (SC)
Difficulty Easy
Length1.4 miles, Network
Surface Gravel/Crushed stone
Natural surface
Fees $5/person
PetsPermitted on leash
Motorized vehiclesNot Permitted
ADA CompliantNo
Number of parking spaces20+
Hours of operation7:30 am - Dusk

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Trail Tips

Tune In, Not Out

Keep the volume of portable music devices on low, so that you can hear other trail users and traffic.

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